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Night Watcher
Trị thương cho 1 đồng đội
Trị thương cho 1 đồng đội
Trị thương cho 1 đồng đội

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Iguchi Yuka
Elite 0
Elite 1

Chỉ số[edit]

Chỉ số cơ bản[edit]

Tất cả chỉ số được lấy ở level cao nhất trong mức Elite
Chỉ số Elite0.png Elite 0 Elite1.png Elite 1 Elite2.png Elite 2 Trust Bonus
HP 975 1220
Sát thương 248 345
Phòng thủ vật lý 82 110
Kháng phép thuật 0 0
Thời gian tái triển khai 70s
Cost triển khai 15 17
Số địch chặn được 1 1
Tốc độ tấn công (Attack Interval) 2,85s
Tầm tấn công Range (11).png Range (12).png


Pot1.png Cost triển khai -1
Pot2.png Thời gian tái triển khai -4s
Pot3.png Sát thương +18
Pot4.png Thời gian tái triển khai -6s
Pot5.png Cost triển khai -1

Trait & Talent[edit]

Trị thương cho đồng đội

{{{talent0a}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 {{{talentDes0a}}}
{{{talent0b}}} Elite0.png Lv.30 {{{talentDes0b}}}
{{{talent0c}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0c}}}
{{{talent0d}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0d}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0d}}}
{{{talent0e}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0e}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0e}}}
{{{talent0f}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0f}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0f}}}
{{{talent0g}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0g}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0g}}}
Healing Power Increase Elite1.png Lv.1 Sát thương +4%.
{{{talent1b}}} Elite1.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_1a}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes1b}}}
Healing Power Increase Elite1.png Lv.55 Sát thương +8%.
{{{talent1d}}} Elite1.png Lv.55 [[File:{{{talent_pot_1b}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes1d}}}
{{{talent1e}}} Elite1.png Lv.1 {{{talentDes1e}}}
{{{talent1f}}} Elite1.png Lv.55 [[File:{{{talent_pot_1c}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes1f}}}
{{{talent2a}}} Elite2.png Lv.1 {{{talentDes2a}}}
{{{talent2b}}} Elite2.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_2}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes2b}}}
{{{talent3a}}} Elite2.png Lv.1 {{{talentDes3a}}}
{{{talent3b}}} Elite2.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_3}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes3b}}}


Combat Skill[edit]

Healing strengthening type alpha.png Healing Strengthening·Type α Hồi 1 SP mỗi giây

Kích hoạt thủ công

Cấp độ Miêu tả SP khởi điểm SP yêu cầu Thời lượng
Level 1 Sát thương +10%. 0 40 20
Level 2 Sát thương +15%. 0 40 20
Level 3 Sát thương +20%. 0 40 20
Level 4 Sát thương +30%. 0 35 20
Level 5 Sát thương +35%. 0 35 20
Level 6 Sát thương +40%. 0 35 20
Level 7 Sát thương +50%. 0 30 20
Mastery1.png {{{des8}}} {{{iSP8}}} {{{SP8}}} {{{dura8}}}
Mastery2.png {{{des9}}} {{{iSP9}}} {{{SP8}}} {{{dura9}}}
Mastery3.png {{{des10}}} {{{iSP10}}} {{{SP10}}} {{{dura10}}}

Infastructure Skill[edit]

Elite0.png Level 1
Icon Kỹ năng Phòng Miêu tả
Bskill dorm single1.png Empathetic Dorm Khi ở trong Dorm, tăng 0,55 tốc độ hồi phục tinh thần mỗi giờ của một operator ngẫu nhiên dưới mức tinh thần tối đa trừ bản thân (Khi xếp chồng, chỉ hiệu ứng cao nhất có tác dụng).
[[File:{{{skill_icon1b}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name1b}}} {{{room1b}}} {{{des1b}}}
Elite0.png Level 30
Icon Kỹ năng Phòng Miêu tả
[[File:{{{skill_icon2a}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name2a}}} {{{room2a}}} {{{des2a}}}
[[File:{{{skill_icon2b}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name2b}}} {{{room2b}}} {{{des2b}}}
Elite1.png Level 1
Icon Kỹ năng Phòng Miêu tả
Bskill dorm single1.png Empathetic Dorm Khi ở trong Dorm, tăng 0,55 tốc độ hồi phục tinh thần mỗi giờ của một operator ngẫu nhiên dưới mức tinh thần tối đa trừ bản thân (Khi xếp chồng, chỉ hiệu ứng cao nhất có tác dụng).
Bskill ws evolve1.png Nutriology Trạm Tổng hợp Khi được bố trí trong Trạm Tổng hợp và chế tạo nguyên liệu elite, tỉ lệ ra sản phẩm phụ +70%.
Elite2.png Level 1
Icon Kỹ năng Phòng Miêu tả
[[File:{{{skill_icon4a}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name4a}}} {{{room4a}}} {{{des4a}}}
[[File:{{{skill_icon4b}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name4b}}} {{{room4b}}} {{{des4b}}}


Elite Material[edit]

Skill Material[edit]

Bấm vào để mở/đóng bảng thông tin:
1 → 2 Skill book 1.png x 1 2 → 3 Skill book 1.png x 2 Ester.png x 1 3 → 4 Skill book 2.png x 1 Oriron.png x 1
4 → 5 Skill book 2.png x 1 Polyketon.png x 2 5 → 6 Skill book 2.png x 1 Sugar pack.png x 2 6 → 7 Skill book 3.png x 2 Polyester pack.png x 2


Thông tin cơ bản Kiểm tra tổng quát
Mật danh Hibiscus Thể lực Bình thường
Giới tính Nữ Cơ động Bình thường
Kinh nghiệm chiến đấu 1 năm Sức bền Bình thường
Nơi sinh Victoria Tư duy chiến thuật Đạt tiêu chuẩn
Ngày sinh 21/06 Kỹ năng chiến đấu Bình thường
Chủng tộc Sarkaz Khả năng đồng hóa Originium Đạt tiêu chuẩn
Chiều cao 153cm Tình trạng phơi nhiễm Dương tính
Cân nặng {{{weight}}}
Chiều dài đuôi {{{tail}}}
Chiều dài sừng {{{horn}}}

Info.png Thông tin cá nhân Hồ sơ và thoại dịch bởi :
Hợp đồng tuyển dụng
Please handle her relationship with Operator Lava carefully.

Hibiscus, Medic Operator of Rhodes Island, will provide reliable medical care for the wounded.

Hibiscus token.png Token
A daily schedule custom made for your own healthy living. To be honest, it's hard to reject it.

Used to improve the Potential of Hibiscus.

Hồ sơ cá nhân
Born in Londinium in Victoria, Hibiscus is the older twin sister of her fellow Operator, Lava. After contracting Oripathy, she came to Rhodes Island for treatment. While undergoing that treatment, she began to dream of helping others. Her passion for caring for others, as well as her hard work, have led Hibiscus to become a Rhodes Island Medic.
Hồ sơ y tế
Imaging tests have shown the outlines of her internal organs to be indistinct due to abnormal shadows. Originium granules have been detected in her circulatory system, confirming her to be infected with Oripathy.

[Cell-Originium Fusion Rate] 7.4% She presents no obvious external symptoms of Oripathy.

[Blood Crystal Density] 0.2 u/L Degree of infection is minor and physical symptoms are not yet present.

Tư liệu lưu trữ 1
Though she possess basic Originium Arts, Hibiscus prefers not to utilize her Originium power. Instead she would rather use her medical skills to care for and treat the wounds of her allies. Given her talents in medicine, Hibiscus has become an outstanding Rhodes Island Medic Operator.
Tư liệu lưu trữ 2
Born in Londinium, Hibiscus was popular among her neighbors as a child, and for good reason - she is considerate, hardworking, courteous, modest, and is good at taking care of people. Though it appears to outsiders that Lava does not like to deal with Hibiscus and that the two sisters don't share a strong relationship, Hibiscus knows the truth - that Lava just isn't very good at expressing those kinds of feelings.
Tư liệu lưu trữ 3
After the two sisters were infected with Oripathy, Hibiscus took Lava and left their parents to come to Rhodes Island. The determined Hibiscus decided to work hard for Rhodes Island, for her sister, herself, her parents back home, and all the other infected.
Tư liệu lưu trữ 4
Because of Lava's obstinance, Hibiscus has cultivated a tough attitude from the time they were little. "This food is good for you. You need to eat it every day!" "I threw all your snacks away because they're bad for you!" "It's 10:30. You need to go to bed!" From a bystanders' perspective, Lava seems to have a rough time dealing with her older sister.
Hồ sơ thăng cấp

Voice Line
Dialogue Voice Description
Assign Secretary Are you calling for me, Doctor? I feel so happy when we're together!
Conversation 1 Doctor! Dr. Kal'tsit said that you need to look after your physical wellbeing. In two words, E-A-T L-E-S-S! That's it.
Conversation 2 Hey, Doctor, do tell me if my sister starts acting all bossy with you! She needs my treatment!
Conversation 3 Dr. Kal'tsit teaches me tons of practical stuff, although it's tough to actually learn! I've at least always had a knack for nutrition, so I think I'm doing well at that!
Elite Promotion Conversation 1 I feel more assured about everyone here compared with when I just joined Rhodes Island! And everyone eats my health food on schedule! But... why are their expressions all so weird after finishing eating?
High Trust Conversation 1 Tadaaaaaah! A special healthy meal just for you, Doctor! Uncaffeinated coffee and a hamburger without meat, cheese, pickles, or lettuce! Oh, and a salad comprised of 12 different vegetables!
High Trust Conversation 2 Say, Doctor, where does your family live? Are they well? I know there are things you can't talk to them about precisely because they're your family, but I think it doesn't hurt to at least try.
High Trust Conversation 3 Isn't it lonely to cook all by yourself? Let me help you out! Oh yeah, let's get Lava in here too!
Idle Doctor, have you fallen asleep? Have a rest then. You need to sleep a lot to stay healthy.
Operator Reporting In This is intern Hibiscus. From now on, I'll be in charge of the health management of you and every Operator at Rhodes Island. Thank you for your cooperation!
Watching Combat Tape Oh, I see! So that's how you do it!
Elite 1 It's my honor to be promoted! Doctor, please supervise my work of health management!
Assign To Team I won't fail you! Let me protect everyone!
Assign To Team Leader Acknowledged! I'll take good care of everyone! First, I need to get my special sustained-release medicine ready...
Operation Sortie Please take good care of yourself while I'm gone!
Operation Start Ready to heal!
Select Operator 1 Don't be afraid!
Select Operator 2 Doctor?
Deploy 1 There we go.
Deploy 2 It's safe here!
In Combat 1 Please come to your senses!
In Combat 2 I can heal your wound in no time!
Complete Operation With 4 Stars Even if everyone gets wounded, I can heal them all with my staff!
Complete Operation With 3 Stars My greatest motivation comes from everyone's health.
Complete Operation With 2 Stars Doctor! Everyone! Are you alright?
Failed Operation No... First aid needed!
Assign To Station Anything I can help with?
Poke Golly~!
Trust Poke Doctor, would you like to have a taste of my new vitamin beverage?
Title Screen Arknights.
Greeting Doctor! Would you mind tasting this?

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