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Ưu tiên tấn công mục tiêu trên không
Ưu tiên tấn công mục tiêu trên không
Ưu tiên tấn công mục tiêu trên không

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Kawanishi Kengo
Elite 0
Elite 1

Chỉ số[edit]

Chỉ số cơ bản[edit]

Tất cả chỉ số được lấy ở level cao nhất trong mức Elite
Chỉ số Elite0.png Elite 0 Elite1.png Elite 1 Elite2.png Elite 2 Trust Bonus
HP 831 1080
Sát thương 251 365 50
Phòng thủ vật lý 93 134
Kháng phép thuật 0 0
Thời gian tái triển khai 70s
Cost triển khai 9 11
Số địch chặn được 1 1
Tốc độ tấn công (Attack Interval) 1s
Tầm tấn công Range (11).png Range (12).png


Pot1.png Cost triển khai -1
Pot2.png Thời gian tái triển khai -4s
Pot3.png Sát thương +23
Pot4.png Thời gian tái triển khai -6s
Pot5.png Cost triển khai -1

Trait & Talent[edit]

Ưu tiên tấn công mục tiêu bay

{{{talent0a}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 {{{talentDes0a}}}
{{{talent0b}}} Elite0.png Lv.30 {{{talentDes0b}}}
{{{talent0c}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0c}}}
{{{talent0d}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0d}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0d}}}
{{{talent0e}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0e}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0e}}}
{{{talent0f}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0f}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0f}}}
{{{talent0g}}} Elite0.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_0g}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes0g}}}
Weakness Breakthrough Elite1.png Lv.1 Tốc độ tấn công +4, ưu tiên tấn công mục tiêu mang vũ khí tầm xa.
{{{talent1b}}} Elite1.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_1a}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes1b}}}
Weakness Breakthrough Elite1.png Lv.55 Tốc độ tấn công +8, ưu tiên tấn công mục tiêu mang vũ khí tầm xa.
{{{talent1d}}} Elite1.png Lv.55 [[File:{{{talent_pot_1b}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes1d}}}
{{{talent1e}}} Elite1.png Lv.1 {{{talentDes1e}}}
{{{talent1f}}} Elite1.png Lv.55 [[File:{{{talent_pot_1c}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes1f}}}
{{{talent2a}}} Elite2.png Lv.1 {{{talentDes2a}}}
{{{talent2b}}} Elite2.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_2}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes2b}}}
{{{talent3a}}} Elite2.png Lv.1 {{{talentDes3a}}}
{{{talent3b}}} Elite2.png Lv.1 [[File:{{{talent_pot_3}}}.png | 30px]] {{{talentDes3b}}}


Combat Skill[edit]

Attack strengthening type alpha.png Attack Strengthening·Type α Hồi 1 SP mỗi giây

Kích hoạt thủ công

Cấp độ Miêu tả SP khởi điểm SP yêu cầu Thời lượng
Level 1 Sát thương +10%. 0 50 20
Level 2 Sát thương +15%. 0 50 20
Level 3 Sát thương +20%. 0 50 20
Level 4 Sát thương +30%. 0 45 20
Level 5 Sát thương +35%. 0 45 20
Level 6 Sát thương +40%. 0 45 20
Level 7 Sát thương +50%. 0 40 20
Mastery1.png {{{des8}}} {{{iSP8}}} {{{SP8}}} {{{dura8}}}
Mastery2.png {{{des9}}} {{{iSP9}}} {{{SP8}}} {{{dura9}}}
Mastery3.png {{{des10}}} {{{iSP10}}} {{{SP10}}} {{{dura10}}}

Infastructure Skill[edit]

Elite0.png Level 1
Icon Kỹ năng Phòng Miêu tả
Bskill tra spd1.png Order Distribution·α Trạm Giao dịch Khi ở trong Trạm Giao dịch, +20% tốc độ đơn hàng.
[[File:{{{skill_icon1b}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name1b}}} {{{room1b}}} {{{des1b}}}
Elite0.png Level 30
Icon Kỹ năng Phòng Miêu tả
[[File:{{{skill_icon2a}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name2a}}} {{{room2a}}} {{{des2a}}}
[[File:{{{skill_icon2b}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name2b}}} {{{room2b}}} {{{des2b}}}
Elite1.png Level 1
Icon Kỹ năng Phòng Miêu tả
Bskill tra spd1.png Order Distribution·α Trạm Giao dịch Khi ở trong Trạm Giao dịch, +20% tốc độ đơn hàng.
Bskill ws p2.png Skilled Craftsman Trạm Tổng hợp Khi ở trong Trạm Tổng hợp và chế tạo nguyên liệu bất kỳ, +50% tỉ lệ ra sản phẩm phụ.
Elite2.png Level 1
Icon Kỹ năng Phòng Miêu tả
[[File:{{{skill_icon4a}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name4a}}} {{{room4a}}} {{{des4a}}}
[[File:{{{skill_icon4b}}}.png | 32px]] {{{skill_name4b}}} {{{room4b}}} {{{des4b}}}


Elite Material[edit]

Skill Material[edit]

Bấm vào để mở/đóng bảng thông tin:
1 → 2 Skill book 1.png x 1 2 → 3 Skill book 1.png x 2 Orirock.png x 2 3 → 4 Skill book 2.png x 1 Sugar.png x 1
4 → 5 Skill book 2.png x 1 Polyester.png x 2 5 → 6 Skill book 2.png x 1 Rma70 12.png x 1 6 → 7 Skill book 3.png x 2 Orirock cluster.png x 2


Thông tin cơ bản Kiểm tra tổng quát
Mật danh Adnachiel Thể lực Bình thường
Giới tính Nam Cơ động Đạt tiêu chuẩn
Kinh nghiệm chiến đấu Nửa năm Sức bền Bình thường
Nơi sinh Laterano Tư duy chiến thuật Bình thường
Ngày sinh 30/05 Kỹ năng chiến đấu Đạt tiêu chuẩn
Chủng tộc Sankta Khả năng đồng hóa Originium Đạt tiêu chuẩn
Chiều cao 171cm Tình trạng phơi nhiễm Dương tính
Cân nặng {{{weight}}}
Chiều dài đuôi {{{tail}}}
Chiều dài sừng {{{horn}}}

Info.png Thông tin cá nhân Hồ sơ và thoại dịch bởi :
Hợp đồng tuyển dụng
His halo is lower than usual, but not his accuracy.

Adnachiel, Sniper Operator of Rhodes Island, will interrupt the enemies' attacks with his crossbow.

Adnachiel token.png Token
A furry hat that won't fit on a Sankta's head.

Used to improve the Potential of Adnachiel.

Hồ sơ cá nhân
Adnachiel is a citizen of Laterano and enjoys rights one through thirteen afforded to all citizens of Laterano. Before his arrival at Rhodes Island, he worked as a freelancer. He received excellent results on a battery of tests and was assigned to Rhodes Island Op Reserve Team A4.

He has demonstrated great potential in the areas of rapid response, marksmanship, and support operations.

Hồ sơ y tế
Imaging tests have shown the outlines of his internal organs to be indistinct due to abnormal shadows. Originium granules have been detected in his circulatory system, confirming him to be infected with Oripathy.

[Cell-Originium Fusion Rate] 9% He presents no obvious external symptoms of Oripathy.

[Blood Crystal Density] 0.26u/L Degree of infection is minor and has not displayed any significant physical symptoms.

Tư liệu lưu trữ 1
Operators familiar with Adnachiel tend to use one word to describe the angel: bright. No matter how complicated the subject or advanced the technology involved, he seems to have no trouble mastering it in a short period of time.

In a show of humility, Adnachiel stands helpless in the face of loftier, theoretical topics, though everyone assumes he's just being modest. After all, as soft spoken and kind as he is, Adnachiel gives off the impression of being a clever and considerate young man. After meeting him, most operators come to understand his observant and sensitive personality. He always speaks to the true nature of things, but the scope of his theories is limited to that over which he has immediate control. Through his analyses, he can even predict the short-term future of his targets. He consistently rejects the titles of both "prophet" and "genius pretty boy," but rumors about him continue to proliferate.

Tư liệu lưu trữ 2
When he has free time between missions, Adnachiel often goes to the Rhodes Island Maintenance and Repair Workshop. Working as an intern assistant, Adnachiel's wrists are flexible and his attention to detail is meticulous. He has demonstrated an insatiable curiosity about Rhodes Island's equipment.
Tư liệu lưu trữ 3
Adnachiel has not yet completed the Laterano Firearms Usage Agreement. His most trusted piece of equipment is his personally modified crossbow (Laterano crossbows are very different from the metal crossbows mass produced by Raythean). As he is not sufficiently physically strong, Adnachiel's crossbow has a pedal on the front used to help pull back the string with his foot.
Tư liệu lưu trữ 4
Hồ sơ thăng cấp

Voice Line
Dialogue Voice Description
Assign Secretary That device you're holding seems to be in poor shape. Would you mind if I took a look at it?
Conversation 1 Hey, Ansel. Cardigan looks good today. Did you want something from me?
Conversation 2 We have a squad of very interesting people, especially Melantha. She always seems to be hiding from me, but I can sniff her out.
Conversation 3 Cardigan, what are you doing? You look so happy.
Elite Promotion Conversation 1 Not every Laterano has the right to use guns, rare weapons that they are. In my hometown, we're pretty good at making knockoff gun parts. The crossbow crafting industry is also on the rise. The result is what I have here - a crossbow with tactical rail attached.
High Trust Conversation 1 Would you like to try some of my handmade sweets? I'm kind of ashamed that I can only make 25 types of desserts. It feels like I've disgraced the Laterano people.
High Trust Conversation 2 What's wrong with my halo? I don't know why, but it seems to have deviated slightly. According to Dr. Kal'tsit, this is probably linked to my abnormal hippocampus.
High Trust Conversation 3 Instead of watching you from afar, I feel much better standing by your side, Doctor.
Idle Doctor, you truly strike an impressive figure, even when you rest like that.
Operator Reporting In My name is Adnachiel. I'm a Sniper from Laterano. Although I'm not yet certified to carry a gun, I can match the veterans with my crossbow!
Watching Combat Tape Put me to good use and I'll be more than happy.
Elite 1 Thank you very much for the promotion.
Assign To Team We will be fine.
Assign To Team Leader If anything breaks, bring it to me. I may be able to fix it for you.
Operation Sortie It's time to go. Are you ready?
Operation Start Let the hunt begin.
Select Operator 1 I will follow your orders.
Select Operator 2 Yes?
Deploy 1 You better run away soon.
Deploy 2 Okay!
In Combat 1 Gotcha!
In Combat 2 Locked on!
Complete Operation With 4 Stars Everything went just as you planned, Doctor.
Complete Operation With 3 Stars We have the Doctor's orders to thank for this.
Complete Operation With 2 Stars Our operation was a success, but something feels a bit off...
Failed Operation I'm so sorry...
Assign To Station This place has a great vibe.
Poke What?
Trust Poke Doctor? I'm so happy to be with you!
Title Screen Arknights.
Greeting May the Lord bless you, Doctor.

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